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A team that's designed spacecraft for human rated missions

Karan Kunjur
Co-Founder, ceo
Text IQ, BCG
Helped lead AI startup from seed stage to 9-figure exit after a 10yr career at BCG
Neel Kunjur
Co-Founder, CTO
SpaceX, Kittyhawk
Helped develop and integrate avionics systems for various Dragon spacecraft at SpaceX. Former Mission Director
Matt Croce
head of defense
26yr Special Ops Pilot, Kittyhawk
Helped develop dual-use eVTOL aircraft, working with the AFRL’s Agility Prime program
Mary Bunting
Associate Chief of Staff
VAST, Virgin Orbit, SpaceX
Led technical recruiting and operations for several aerospace companies
Ashrith Balakumar
Head of Product Engineering
Helped develop Dragon avionics, optical comms at SpaceX. Former Mission Director
Drew Miller
Head of Structures
SpaceX, Maxar, Kittyhawk
Led the design and qualification of several critical Dragon 2 mechanisms
Rafael Martinez
Head of Propulsion
SpaceX, Apollo Fusion
Led design of SpaceX's Starlink constellation thruster and managed Apollo Fusion flight programs
Matt Ales
Senior Mechanical Engineer
SpaceX, Kratos
Responsible engineer for Dragon Trunk, helped design the F9 Transporter Erector
Michael Saqr
Head of Software
Responsible engineer for F9 and Dragon 2 firmware products. Led avionics software team for Starship
Han Lin
Head of RF Systems
Epirus, SpaceX
Designed RF systems for Starlink, F9, and Dragon and developed highest power solid state directed energy phased array in the world at Epirus
Alex Shearer
Senior Software Engineer
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Heliogen
Led field robotics and flight software development for various aerospace missions including PSYCHE and Mars 2020
Stefano Gulli
Head of Thermal
Amazon Kuiper, Blue Origin
Responsible for the thermal design, testing and qualification of different satellite subsystems for Kuiper satellite
Derek Stephens
Head of Supply Chain
SpaceX, The Boring Company
Sourced the satellite bus, propulsion system, and mechanical assemblies for Starlink
Daniel Sohn
Senior Electrical Engineer
Planet, Ouster, Amazon Lab126
Responsible Engineer for payload avionics for Pelican and Tanager Satellites at Planet, owned electronics for Ouster’s LIDAR system
Soohyun Yoo
Senior Electrical Engineer
SpaceX, Anduril
Owned hardware development for a number of missions, ranging from the Dragon flight computer to Starshield payload bridge
Kyle McCracken
Mechanical Engineer
SpaceX, Tesla, Kittyhawk
Designed cubesat structure for SWARM-EX
Oliver Graff
Senior Software Engineer
Developed flight software for Dragon and Starship
Rosie Ball
Talent Acquisition
Text IQ
Led recruiting for engineering team at high growth VC backed startup
Elmer Bonilla
Supervisor of Satellite Manufacturing
SpaceX, Anduril Industries
Built up Starlink production line and led technician teams at Anduril
Brady Lee
Senior Software Engineer
SpaceX, Microsoft, Raytheon
Developed FPGA firmware for Starshield at SpaceX
Shawn Huang
Mechanical Engineer
SpaceX, Astra
Led dynamic analyses of EP system at Astra
Nicholas Rahaim
Senior GNC Engineer
Momentus, Lockheed Martin
6-DOF and Attitude Controls Lead for Vigoride spacecraft
Matt Epperson
Senior Software Engineer
Joby Aviation, Kittyhawk, Planck Aerosystems
Developed advanced software and controls for novel, high-performance electric aircraft
Samuel Kim
Electrical Engineer
Responsible Engineer for the electronics in Starship’s high-voltage thrust vector control batteries
our board of advisors
Lori Garver
Former Deputy Administrator of NASA, former Board Member Maxar Technologies, Operating Advisor Bessemer Venture Partners 
Abhi Tripathi
Director of Mission Operations Berkeley Space Sciences Lab, former Director Commercial Crew & Cargo Program at SpaceX
Lee Rosen
Co-Founder, President and CSO at ThinkOrbital, former VP Mission and Launch Operations at SpaceX, former Space Launch Commander USAF
Martin Halliwell
Former Chief Technology Officer SES S.A. (retired)
Rob Lillis
Associate Director for Planetary Science and Astrobiology at Berkeley, Principal Investigator of NASA ESCAPADE Mars Mission
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