Making previously impossible missions possible

K2 Space uses the full capacity of launch vehicles like F9 and Starship to break the correlation between spacecraft mass and cost.

The mass paradox

In spacecraft design, mass and cost have always been closely tied. As a result, missions have been forced to choose between large, capable and expensive OR small, less capable and cheap.

K2 Satellite BUs
From mass constraint to mass abundance

Our next-generation satellite bus provides the ability to deploy highly capable satellites at a fraction of the cost.

traditional large satellites
> 48 month design cycle
> $100M+ cost per satellite
Constrained, legacy supply chain of space-optimized parts
Significant customization required per mission
< 3-months from procurement to spacecraft readiness, using production line style builds
<$15M cost per satellite
Broad supply chain of commercial parts
True multi-orbit and multi-mission performance with bounding specs

More mass = more capabilities

The power of high throughput satellites
The payload volume of high resolution imaging satellites
The unit economics of small satellite constellations

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